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About Primecare Services 16 Plus

Primecare Services 16 Plus provide a specialised tailored service for young care leavers. We will provide innovative, high quality professional support and semi-independent housing in Kent together with pathway planning and access to training and employment for care leavers.

We have various types of accommodation in Kent, with varying levels of support ranging from supported Independent flats (supported living) to shared housing with 24 hour supervision.

Our mission

At Primecare 16 Plus we recognise that any young person who is in the care system will be going through an emotional trauma when they reach the age of 16, as the uncertainty in life returns.

We want to help guide them through the transition from leaving a Residential Children’s home or maybe Foster home to be able to survive living independently. We can offer a range of options and properties in the area the young person has grown up in and feels most comfortable to move forward.

This maybe, after careful consideration, their own self contained flat, with minimal support or a fully supported semi-independent home sharing with other young people with 24 hour supervision. We shall also provide outreach services for those young people who successfully integrating through our programme into adulthood.

Our staff, are fully committed to doing the utmost for the young people to do more than just survive, we hope to help them thrive in the community and in their chosen career path.


We can provide a number of options that will suit the young person’s needs, subject to Assessment.

We are able to provide a Detached House with 24 hour support that can accommodate up to 3 Young People who may find the transition from either Foster Care or Residential Care a very daunting prospect.

We have seen many young people, who no fault of their own, have become used to slightly institutional setting where everything is provided and there are staff available to them 24 hours a day. Although Young People will often treat those settings negatively, they know that they are cared for and they feel safe. At Prime 16 Plus 24 hour accommodation, we feel it essential that Young People struggling with the transition, FEEL SAFE, knowing someone is there if they need them.

They will have their own bedroom, but share the communal amenities such as the Lounge and Kitchen. The Following support packages are available in any of the above premises.

We can also provide suitable Flats for up to 2 young people to share, or a solo placement flat, with support from staff and outreach workers. These are for Young people, who after careful consideration and assessment may be able to cope more independently, with just our outreach team.

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This is a detached house that can accommodate up to 3 young people who require a higher level of support until they are ready to move into their own supported accommodation.

This house will have staff on duty 24 hours a day with staff completing sleep-ins in the house, so that someone is available, should the young person require support in a crisis or just want to talk.

Basic support

15 hours per week with staff providing 1/2 sleep-ins in early stages.

Intensive support

28 hours per week with staff providing 3/4 sleep-ins.




This will tend to be a flat or bedsit, where the young person lives far more independently but receives a good level of daily support until we believe they are ready for a much less intrusive support and can move towards Outreach service.

Basic support

10 hours per week 1 sleep-in (subject to needs).




Hopefully by now the Young person has demonstrated that they are able to live more independently and the level of support needed is greatly reduced.

Basic support

10 hours per week 1 sleep-in (subject to needs).

NOTE: There will be a 24 hour support service available to all packages. The Semi-Independent Living house will have far greater staff supervision

Staff support

Each young person will receive a tailored support package designed to meet their individual needs and will incorporate their Pathway Plan. These are some of the key areas our staff will support young people with:

This list is not exhaustive and will be determined by our Initial Assessment

  • Introduction to Key Worker on arrival
  • Support with Daily food preparation
  • Support with daily hygiene programme
  • Support with maintaining a clean and safe living accommodation
  • Support with budgeting and food shopping
  • Support with accessing the necessary agencies (Connexions Job Centre) to assist in their future
  • Guidance in accessing the necessary agencies for financial support
  • Support with accessing education, training and employment
  • Help facilitate family contact
  • In house vocational courses
  • Mentoring
  • Assisting the Young Person to register with a Doctor and Dentist
  • Guidance in accessing Social and Recreational activities
  • Assisting them in following their personal Religious and cultural practises
  • Help with lonelinesss
  • Guidance for Independent living skills
  • Guidance on Legal issues
  • To provide support with cultural and religious links in the area

All staff will all go through the same recruitment process as an individual would, if they were to work in residential care and this will include a current enhanced DBS disclosure.

All of our staff are fully trained and in many cases would have worked with the young person in a residential home. We believe this gives a continuity of care that we consider very important, if the transition from Residential Care to living independently is to succeed.

The programme our staff will work with includes, Registering with a Doctor and Dentist, Sex education including contraception and possibly preparing for parenthood, health and safety within their own home, budgeting and purchasing food and household items, how to prepare and cook meals, budgeting their weekly finances as this can be a very daunting and sometimes one of the main reasons for a place to fail as stated in the Children’s Rights Directors report of 2006.

In our experience boredom, is one of the key reasons any young person struggles with this transition that is why we shall be on hand, to help young people make informed and responsible choices and decisions with their lives.

We will liaise closely with the young person’s Social Worker/Leaving Care Worker and work positively to assess and develop the young person’s abilities, well-being and emotional development.

It is therefore vitally important that the young person participates in education or employment or be actively seeking either. We will encourage the young person to participate in regular activities to promote a healthy life-style.

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We do not tolerate bullying and Primecare 16+ team has a clear bullying Policy and Procedure in place.

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Missing person

If a Young Person goes missing without permission we shall follow the procedure agreed with the Placing Social Worker at the inception of the Agreement and the Local Police Agreement/Protocol on Missing persons

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Health & safety

All of our properties will be fitted with smoke detectors and appropriate fire protection equipment. They will also have annual gas and electrical certificates and comply with all relevant regulations at all times

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